About Dan

Dan Froese Photography & Design
574 Hwy 201
Moschelle, NS
B0S 1A0







In 2001 a couple of my college friends in Alberta went through the dorm with an empty jar.  When they were finished they traded that jar in for a new Canon Rebel (film) camera. They knew I was headed to Eastern Europe for my internship, and they weren’t going to let me go in my cameraless condition. They had successfully kick-started my career with photography.

Thank you Mike, Kate, and company.

Today I enjoy a variety of types of photography.

My wife Marissa and I  moved to Annapolis Royal, NS in 2011 with our 3 daughters.  Living in this beautiful province has been an amazing visual experience so far.

I am excited to take part in the celebration of the people, places, and businesses of our wonderful part of the country.

Looking forward to joining in your celebration!